Tuesday, 29 September 2015, 5:51

The Martian and Hollywood’s Mars Curse

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Apparently, there is a Mars curse on Hollywood. Every film that is based on the desolate planet either bombs at the box office or is ripped by the critics. But, The Martian, based on Andy Weir’s acclaimed novel, which hits theatres Oct 2, is hoping to break that curse.


The Ridley Scott directed film chronicles the story of an astronaut, played by Matt Damon that goes on a mission to Mars with his team, some accidents and circumstance later, he gets stuck on Mars. He doesn’t have any food or way of communicating with the people back home. The whole premise of the film is based on the man’s ingenuity and will to get back home.

The film is bursting with talent, with many big names making an appearance in the film. The story is brilliant and the concept seems intriguing as well, so the film does have every possible ingredient needed for being a successful Hollywood film. But, the ‘curse’ still looms over the film and the producers are well aware of it. It seems that they are putting all their efforts in to make ‘The Martian’ the film that breaks the curse.

They haven’t spared any expense in marketing the film; the actors, writer, and the people involved in the promotion of the film are currently making sure that the film has its best chance. A film that is centered on the red planet hasn’t made a mark at the box office, not since the Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer Total Recall.

The Martian has the best chance of breaking this streak of failures, with an elite class cast and crew. There is also the timing of the film’s release, which is perfect because NASA is currently sowing the seeds of their first mission to Mars right now, this will surely help the film as well. Whether the film will bomb at the box office or be a hit, only time will tell, but The Martian seems like the movie that will break this infamous curse.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015, 8:04

Facebook’s Long Awaited ‘Dislike’ Button

September, 2015 will always be remembered as the month in which Mark Zuckerberg made the most important announcement of his life – the dislike button cometh soon. People have been talking about it for years and every other social media site has something resembling a dislike system, except for Facebook. So, Mr. Zuckerberg finally gave to the popular public demand and announced that Facebook will be integrating a dislike button in the near future.


The young billionaire didn’t specify what the button would look like or how it will function, but he did say that it wouldn’t be like a vote system, which leads us to believe that it might just be the opposite of the like button. There is also another possibility; some experts believe that the dislike button may be some form of emoji icons.

In place of a ‘thumbs down’ icon, users will have the choice of different unlikeable emoji icons. This does sound like something that Facebook would incorporate, because it is unique and could capture the attention of users more effectively. There is another reason why emojis are the more likely possibility; they would allow the users to express a wide range of emotions, like sadness, empathy, disbelief and of course dislike.

Users will get more use out of these emoji icons than a dislike button. Just imagine it, you see a picture of an immigrant or read some terrible news, you will be able to express your inner feelings with the help on an emoji.

You will have to wait a while until this, or any other, dislike button appears on your Facebook page. It seems that Mr. Zuckerberg and the rest of team Facebook are still mulling over how they will incorporate this feature into Facebook. We just hope that the end result will be worth all this anticipation and wait.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015, 7:18

WhatsApp has employed only 50 Engineers to deal with over 900 million users . Why?

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WhatsApp recently announced that the number of WhatsApp users has reached the 900 million mark recently. While this milestone certainly places the company in the list of leading global networking platforms, it is very surprising to know that there are only 50 engineers employed in the company to look over all the operations.


It is obviously an intriguing phenomenon that a tiny team of professionals caters such a huge number of users. When Facebook acquired the company last year for $19 Billion, the company had 35 engineers and the number of users was around 450 million. Now when the users have doubled, WhatsApp has only 50 engineers who look over all the operational chores.

WhatsApp has not been so open about its engineering operations until recently when Jamshid Mahdavi, a software engineer at WhatsApp revealed the core operational procedures at the company. The very first information Jamshid gave was the information about the language on which the WhatsApp is built. WhatsApp is developed through a programming language called Erlang. This language is suitable to cater large number of simultaneous operations. Moreover, any updates can be made to the software without interrupting the ongoing operations.

However, according to Mahdavi, it is more about the approach towards the developments then the programming language that is used for the development.  “We strive to keep things as simple as possible and concentrate only on the problems that need to be solved.”, he said.

Despite being a 80’s product, Erlang successfully addresses the most important aspect of today’s communication; scalability and reliability. Another factor is that Erlang being a relatively old language, is not known to majority of developers around the world, and it’s scarcity means that there are less issues they have to face related to security.

It would be useless to say that WhatsApp employs engineers who are best at what they do. The employees at WhatsApp here are adaptable and they work in real high speed. When a new employee joins the team, he is given a week to settle himself in the environment and getting familiar with the team. Engineers at WhatsApp don’t like to be distracted by other office rituals such as meetings.

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015, 11:40

Google Has a Redesigned Logo and Gets Instant Acclamation

Google has recently introduced its new logo. After getting under the umbrella of Alphabet, it is Google’s first redesign of the logo. Company’s stakeholders and the public in large, has responded positively to this new change.


In the updated design, Google’s old colors are still there, but the company has changed the serif font to a sans-serif font. Company has also replaced the alphabet “g” that was in blue color with a “G” in the logo. This change reflects Google’s evolution in the ways it has been interacting with its user across various platforms such as Gmail, Chrome, Maps and personal operating accounts.  About the Google logo change, a company representative said, “We think, we have taken the best decision to change Google’s logo, as it is simple, friendly and colorful. It is not just for today but also for the future.

“Adam Padilla” who is the president of Brandfire, thinks that Google’s Logo redesign is great in many aspects. According to him, Google new logo is a great way to convey to its users, a message about the company and its streamlining, which is simplicity and efficiency.

According to Michael Dub’s point of view, all thumbs are up for the Google’s new look.  This logo is spectacular as compared to the old one. It looks more efficient and clean, and is easily implementable on multiple devices and platforms, especially on mobile devises. He prefers the new logo with its enhanced colors and smaller size that makes it more expressive in elaborating its ideas.

This logo is also a representative of the ambitious initiatives of the Google’s parent company Alphabet, while maintaining the importance of Google and allowing it to elaborate its core business ideas in different ways.

Google’s new look is the true reflection of the way Google develops more products and launch strategic sub-brands that makes it world’s most preeminent search engine.


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Tuesday, 1 September 2015, 12:20

Basic Ways to Promote a blog post on social media.

Blogging is one of the most acclaimed ways of promoting a business.  Data gathered after extensive surveys support this claim. For example, a recent survey suggests that companies with active blogs have 80% more new visits on their business sites than those who don’t. Another statistical figure to realize the importance of blogging for businesses is highlighted in a recent research, which found out that regular and frequent blogging brings about 6 times more traffic than those who blog once in a while.


Creating an attractive blog with rich content and attractive images is not a guarantee that your blog will catch the target audience.  Bloggers have to devise strategies in order to spread the blog on multiple platforms and attract maximum number of new visitors. These platforms include email, referral links, RSS, organic search and many more. However, among all of these platforms, social media is gaining prime importance with each passing day.

The importance of social media platforms to promote a blog can be assessed by the fact that 1 billion people were simultaneously online on Facebook last week.  This is just a single platform, other social media platforms are not very far in user activity than Facebook.

The first basic step to promote your blog post on social media is to post it on the social media. Some bloggers use multiple posting techniques to gather maximum clients. Sharing buttons are also one the effective ways to promote your blog post on social media. To encourage readers to share your post, adding a sharing a button is a must.

Advanced techniques to promote the blog post on social media include adding tables and figures in your blog post.  Surveys suggest that readers are more inclined to share posts that include numbers, tables and figures.  More advanced techniques to promote posts on social media will be shared in the next post. 

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015, 12:14

Mobile Content Marketing Revolution

Many people feel that content marketing has reached its peak. It is redefining the way companies advertise and market their products online. But in a way, content marketing is just in its infantile state. This may surprise some people, but it is true. The premise of content marketing is evolving with every new social media site/app and technology. The aspect that is going to impact it the most, in the future, is mobile content marketing.


Importance of Message Creation

Smartphones have transformed the way businesses reach their customers. They allow marketers to engage customers on the go, in real time, with targeted messages. It also presents some challenges to marketers as well. They have to be extremely careful about the messages they compose, because badly formulated content can have a negative impact on the customer base. The immediacy of the message delivery makes the negative effects even more harmful for businesses.


Mobile content marketing requires marketers to present consumers with some valuable, information, offers, discounts, etc. So, they can get something valuable in return. If consumers have a good experience with the messages they receive, they are more prone to making a purchase.

Opportune Moments

People are spending more and more time on their smartphone, owing to the fact that they can gain access to anything important via their phones. This presents marketers with valuable opportunities to reach to their target audience – all they have to do is find the right moment to advertise their product or send them the marketing content.


The most important part of mobile content marketing is not engaging consumers, but re-engaging them. Marketers have a tall task of converting consumers into loyal customers. They have to create content that will compel people to trust the brand’s message and become a loyalist.

As one can see, with the help of the information above, mobiles are playing a big role in the content marketing arena right now and their role will grow in the future. Anyone who wants to benefit from these devices has to prepare a strategy to utilize them effectively, in the future.


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Tuesday, 18 August 2015, 14:38

Generate More Traffic With Easy Content Marketing

There is a new concept in content marketing that is quickly gaining steam – called the Content Marketing Pyramid. The idea is to define high effort and low effort content marketing tasks in the form of a pyramid, according the frequency they are required.


According to this theory, long blog posts should only be posted once a month and micro blog posts should be posted at least 3 times in a week. This strategy has proven to be very effective; experts who have utilized have seen many improvements in their content marketing results.

It can help you increase your production capacity, by allowing you to focus your available resources on relevant tasks. When you are producing more focused content, it will be more appealing to your target audiences. This will cause an automatic increase in your site’s traffic and eventually your sales. Marketers who have been plagued by ineffectiveness of their content and strategy can benefit greatly from this content pyramid plan as well. Here is how it can help you improve your marketing processes and make them more effective:

Less Chaos

By providing your employees with a set plan for content production and publishing for the whole month, you will eliminate any chaotic scenarios that take shape when there is no set schedule. Your team will no longer be scrambling to create and post content, because they will have a schedule to follow.

Audience Oriented Content

A haphazard content posting schedule will usually result in haphazard content. This content will not be helpful for your potential customer and they will avoid it. A set schedule will allow you to plan your content production in advance and cater it towards your audience.

No Waste

No content will go to waste when your team knows which type of content to produce and which one to post on a specific day.

So, adopt this strategy and make a plan for all your content production and publishing and you will see an improvement in your bottom line, almost immediately.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2015, 13:25

Sundar Pichai is the New CEO of Google after it becomes a Division of Alphabet Inc.

Even the most prominent business analysts couldn’t see it coming what Page and Brin, co-founders of Google, announced today. In a very surprising and unexpected development, Google has announced to create a greater holding group named Alphabet Inc., and the search giant Google will be its subsidiary, headed by Sundar Pichai. With this announcement, Page and Brin will step aside from the daily responsibilities they had since the day they started Google.


The world saw how the two founders made a degree project into one of world’s most successful companies. This new development is surprising and may be considered a too proactive of a step by some experts, but sooner or later, this day had to come when these pioneers shift their focus from their primary business, towards other more exciting ventures.

The Alphabet Inc. will have 8 major subsidiaries. These companies include Calico, Fiber (an internet provider), Google Ventures (VC investing), Google X (Google glass, Balloon Internet for remote world, moon shots and self-driving cars), Google Capital (Investment fund), Life Sciences (Projects like contact lenses that sense glucose level in people), Nest (modern home appliances such as home security cameras, smoke detectors, thermostats, humidifiers  and alarms) and Google (Search Engine, Android, Google Ads, Apps, YouTube Video streaming service and Maps).

As these events are fairly recent for nearly everyone around the globe, a lot of opinions and speculations are circulating over the internet regarding this news.  The majority, however, agrees on one opinion that this step from Brin and Page will give them more time to follow more ambitious projects and to align their company with the world ahead.

An interesting question is, whether this reshuffling will affect the trends in search marketing, ads marketing and internet marketing. The answer is pretty evident; there will be no big change unless the new CEO plans something dramatic, because the reshuffling that has occurred is purely structural and not procedural.


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Tuesday, 4 August 2015, 12:43

Rearrange Your SEO Traffic By Staying Up to Date

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Search engine trends and SEO Traffic trends change rapidly as there are constant updates from search engines giants like Google. This reason creates the need for different businesses and information based websites to be equipped accordingly. The key to get the maximum positive results is the efficient management of up-to-date web analytical trends. The following points will ensure that you have applied the best practices to generate and maintain quality traffic on your website.


1.  Know What’s Trending

Your page does not need to be completely changed every time. However, you will have to edit it occasionally, according to the need of the time. Many new things seem useful on different levels of traffic generation; however, you are never in a rush for updates.

2. Check Your web Status Through The Keyword Tool

Knowing the current standing of your website allows you to shortlist the new opportunities that can provide the best results. Hence, you must have the knowledge of your current standing so that you can align your future goals accordingly.

3. Check Google Suggest Data

This is another way to determine the change required for your updated SEO Traffic. Keeping the top-searched key words and phrases in the loop can do great work for inviting new traffic on your website.

4. Upgrading Title Tag, Meta Description & Alt Attributes

Headings are the first things that are viewed by the intended traffic. If they are clear and appealing, there is no holding back for your page success.

5. No Need For Additional Content

Keep the information to the point. Although, adding up different subsections are a good practice. Still, it can go bad if the additional information is not relevant to the main subject of your page.

6. Use of Multimedia

Content should not be restricted to one type. Words, picture and videos must be utilized in a very careful combination. One medium can get your traffic bored and bounce rate can increase. 

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015, 14:24

Content Marketing and the Myths That Surround It

Content Marketing is at its peak right now and the amazing thing is that its importance will continue to grow, for the foreseeable future. Content marketers devise new and creative ways to attract more people to websites and promote products online. Amidst this boom in the industry, there are some very huge myths that are being falsely endorsed over the internet. It is important to address these false beliefs about cont3ent marketing, so every content marketing campaign has the best chance of success.


Is Content King?

The biggest myth in the content industry is the fact that many people consider content to be king. Don’t get us wrong, content is pretty important, but it isn’t king. The audience you are trying to reach is the real king. The whole concept of the content you create and post online depends on the type of audience you are trying to reach and how they will reach to the content.

Best Practices

You will find many different how tos and best practices for content marketing online, many marketers believe that these ‘best practices’ are best for their business as well, which is not true at all. You will have to combine your own market research and tailor a unique content marketing strategy, for it to be successful.

Just Marketing

Another myth that is very common about content is that its only purpose is marketing and promotion. Content serves a much larger purpose than just marketing. It can boost other aspects of your daily operations, like recruitment, customer care, PR, etc.

Quantity Delivers Results

The quantity of content that one posts can produce more leads for them, this is myth is completely false. The quantity of the content does not matter as much as the value that the content offers to the audiences.

Sharing and Traffic Equals Revenue

Some marketers are under the impression that if they share their content on social media sites enough and generate enough traffic, they will convert more leads into customers. They soon learn that content marketing isn’t that simple.

Be mindful of these myths, because if you aren’t, your content strategy won’t be as impactful as it should be. 

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